An educational VR experience on the North Sea



Drone video/photography
Susie Oosting
Photosphere stitching
Susie Oosting

Claudiu Voicu 

Behind The Scenes footage
Google Expeditions – Wind Energy

Google Expeditions is a VR App which takes schoolkids on interactive and educational journeys to far-away and interesting locations. Partnering with E-ON Energy, one of these locations is the Nordsee-Ost Windfarm in the North Sea, 35km off the coast of Helgoland (a small German island).

With Google Brand Studio we went out onto the middle of the North Sea, where I used a drone to capture 360-degree photospheres.

For the Behind The Scenes video above, which was simultaneously produced, I shot additional drone footage of the wind farm. All other BTS footage was shot by Claudiu Voicu.

An Aerial View of Nordee-Ost Wind Farm

Drone footage shot by Susie Oosting

A 360° view of Nordsee-Ost Wind Farm

A VR edit of the created Photospheres