Teasers & trailer

The Barcelona Edition




Susie Oosting
Director of Photography
Gaffer & 1st AC
Music & Sounddesign
VFX & Editor – 2min trailer
Claudiu Voicu
Editor – teasers
Susie Oosting
Cabaret: The Blue Pearl

The very exclusive boutique Edition Hotels are the brainchild of Ian Schrager (Studio 54) in collaboration with Marriott.

In late summer 2018 the Barcelona Edition was added to their repertoire, boasting a special basement venue: Cabaret.

Manumission, (in)famous for their record-breaking Ibiza events, were creating a show for the venue,  and approached us to create an enticing trailer. With a small crew of 3 we went off to Barcelona to get to work.

As the show itself was still in full development, I sat down with Mike & Claire (Manumission) to write a filmplan based on their concept for the show, which was changing and evolving as we went along.

After completing the trailer and teasers I went on to create the visuals for the show, which you can soon read more about.

Above you can view the 30 second teaser, while below you can watch the full 2min trailer and a special little Halloween Edition teaser for instagram.

Trailer – Cabaret: The Blue Pearl

Teaser – Halloween at Cabaret